The world’s premier live art event has battled for 250,000 spectators in over 45 cities in 25 countries since 2006. From London to LA, Malmo to Melbourne, the global battleground roots itself in the competitive soil of Urban Art, and grows through word of mouth and social media. Driven by diversity and collaboration, Secret Walls has cast talent fresh and famous, rallied teams small and large, and staged them in every dark corner of the world.

A simple monochrome palette shaken by the invigorating effects of time pressure has proven to be a winning combination among a selectively informed public. Both a sport and an exhibition, Secret Walls turns crowds into fans as they interact with the live freestyle artwork. As the clock beats on, so continues the expansion of this art-fueled mission...

the rules

90 minutes on the battle clock
Two teams or two individuals go head to head
Black acrylic paint and marker pens
Blank canvas, no reference material
Freehand illustration

3 point vote: 2 guest judges + 1 crowd cheer


watch the video

Secret Walls Atlanta at the ABV Gallery, 6th September 2014
See more clips at


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